Thirumoolar Siddhar lived in which yuga?

Thirumoolar Siddhar lived in which yuga

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    Wonderful question ...He is a siddhar and has 8 siddhis, those who have established kundalini in Brahma randhra are deathless, so he is deathless. But he was said to compose Thirumantiram from 6000 BC to 3000 BC, overall 3000 years, each year 1 verse

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    The wiki says:

    The dates of Tirumūlar's life are controversial, and because his work makes reference to so many currents of religious thought, the dates that different scholars assign are often appealed to for anchoring the relative chronology of other religious literature in Tamil and Sanskrit. Verse 74 of the Tirumantiram makes the claim that Tirumūlar lived for 7 yuga before composing the Tirumantiram.[1]

    Some are therefore inclined to place his composition well before the Common Era. The scholar and lexicographer S. Vaiyapuripillai, however, suggested that he probably belonged to the beginning of the eighth-century AD, pointing out that Tirumūlar could not very well be placed earlier given that he appears to refer to the Tevaram hymns of Sambandar, Appar and Sundarar, that he used `very late words' and that he made mention of the weekdays.[2]


    As a curiosity, I checked above.

    What is yuga? I think its not combined with yoga?

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    Please see the like

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