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greatest intercontinental chapion of all time tournament round 1A?

yo guys i'm back with another tournament with a big tournament. there are 72 wrestlers meaning every intercontinental champ is involved in this round i have made 12 matches with 24 wrestlers. here is round 1A:

1) ezekiel jackson vs big E langston

2) kane vs wade barrett

3) booker-T vs goldust

4) rob van dam vs cody rhodes

5) diesel a.k.a. kevin nash vs ahmed johnson

6) razor ramon vs rey mysterio

7) john morrison vs the miz

8) john bradshaw vs albert

9) rikishi vs umaga

10) billy gunn vs test

11) texas tornado vs the mountie

12) "rowdy" roddy piper vs christian

rate every match, tell the winners & kindly give an overall rating

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    1) Big E Langston def. Ezekiel Jackson 2/5

    2) Kane def. Wade Barrett 2.5/5

    3) Booker T def. goldust 3/5

    4) Rob Van Dam def. Cody Rhodes 4/5

    5) Diesel def. Ahmed Kohnson 1/5

    6) Razor Ramon def. Rey Mysterio 2/5

    7) John Morrison vs The Miz 4.5/5

    8) JBL def. Albert 3/5

    9) Umaga def. Rikishi 3/5

    10) Test def. Billy Gunn 3/5

    11) Kerry Von Erich vs The Mountie 1/5

    12) Christian def. Roddy piper 5/5

    Overall 8/10

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    Big e-3/5


    Booker t-4/5


    Rey - 3/5








    Nice match card.

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