Council house problem please help?

We recently moved into a council house last 9th December. Before we signed up for the house we made sure we were allowed to have our 4 dogs and keep them otherwise we wouldn't sign up - they let us have them therefore we signed up for the house. We came to collect the keys and a different woman asked us if we had any pets and we told her we had 4 dogs (she told us she hates dogs) and said we were only ideally allowed a cat and a dog no more. However, we couldnt back down because we already signed up for the house and she said if they are well behaved dogs and cause no problems then its fine but if they do cause problems we will have to come up with a solution.

Come this week, she phoned up and told us our 2 neighbours complained about our dogs and told us to come up with a solution before Thursday (she phoned on Tuesday night). We came up with a number of solutions to put into plan and come thursday she said she doesnt care either we get rid of 3 dogs or we get kicked out of the house. She said she didnt care about anything else we had to say and even if theyre well behaved she said we have to get rid of 3 dogs no matter what.

Is this her fault?

We now are completely considering moving house considering the trouble she has caused us and she lied about the 2 complaints - one only asked them to put up another fence due to the rotting of the wood and the wind - they didnt complain about the dogs (my mum apologised to the neighbours and they told her this).

What should we do?

Advice please?

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    Power 3 dogs off. and then put them in the loft, get the council visitor round and show them only 1 dog in your house. . Arrange to have your fence fixed then restart the other 3 dogs havind done this first --------Start->Settings->Programs->adjust Bark frequency , Slide it done to "Zero" <SAVE>

    Good luck.

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