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I have an iball baton wireless router.The problem is when try to connect wifi suddenly the connection will be?

I have an iball baton(iB WRA 150N) wireless router.The problem is when i try to connect wifi suddenly the connection will be lost,what i do for this prblm?.

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    All you need to do it to change your WiFi broadcasting channel. Open up your router`s setup by entering the default gateway IP, enter username password if prompted ->go to WiFi or Wireless Lan setting and make sure that broadcasting is b/g/n mixed mode, then check what broadcasting channel is selected starting from 1 to 11/13, in case of extreme start or end make in middle like 6 or 7 and in case of any middle number like 6 to 8 make it either 10 or 3. By changing the broadcasting channel shall hopefully stop any interference with other frequencies.

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    this is for i ball model iB-WRB150 or where quick setup not come.

    first connect rj45 from modem LAN to iball router WAN port(not LAN port). secondly connect another cable from one of the LAN port of i ball router to PC. type address in any browser. type user name "admin" and password "admin". now see horizontal menu click on 'router' select dynamic ip now very important click on MAC clone. type SSID & password. don't change host name. save restart ok. remove pc connected cable

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    Check if it requires any firmware updates. Update the firmware, reset configuration and restart the router.

    This should do...

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