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Earning through adult website illegal in India?

Hi everyone,

I need some legal advice.

I own a Adult website, And its a "Incest" tube website. (i know incest is illegal)

Thorough advertisement on the website i earn around 20K every month.

I get my earnings through Paypal by various adult advertising networks??

When i get my money in paypal i just shows the name of the adult advertising network, nothing about the kind of website i own and the content of my website.

My major question is , that whether earning money from a adult website is illegal or not in India.??

I dont want to get in trouble in the future when i have to pay taxes for this money i am earning, (I also have a job which pays me 40K, and with this 20K, i have to pay tax and i dont want to face any legal issues and most importantly i dont want my father to know i earn from a adult website)

Please help me.

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    As per our Indian law this is not at all allowed and accepted anywhere. You will be

    behind the bars. your home will be raided and whole family will feel hell due to severe

    police introgation and procedure. Looking to the Indian culture and social set up, U R

    asking for big trouble. And this troubles will be magnified when it is related to "incest"

    There are several 100s of consequences you will have to face, few of them are here.

    1. See today or tomorrow yr true colors will come out in front of all.

    2. You will ruin your family life it will become hell

    3. Your social value will be zero. unofficially people may be doing wrong.

    4. Your wife, mom will afraid of you

    5. Your children will not talk to you after knowing.

    6. In society people will raise a finger at you, taunt you & will hear tantrums.

    7. You will become a talk of the town, No social co-operation you will get.

    8. Nobody will allow you at there home so will repent when socially cut-off.

    9. One day you will think of suicide

    10. The money you earned by this unethical way will not give you pleasure.

    11. All other ladies will hate you like hell, u will turmoil inside.

    12. Time may come people will assault you openly.

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    I don't think that anybody cares as much. In the subcontinent (rather all of Asia pretty much), the rules exist, but they never get enforced. And even if you do get into trouble, a little bit of money will go a far distance in saving your neck. You can always just bribe your way out of it but I don't think you will ever need to. As long as it is in your own home, you will be fine.

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    i agree with mr. nimesh 100% . stop this activity now . and you can not ask this to anyone so you ask here . ok . as per income tax act any illegal or immoral income liable to tax in india if generat in india . if owener of website is resident of india and receipt in indian bank . clear ? .you can pay online . you can filled returned online without help of any one . toll free no avilable on i tax site. but change site to some good subject do not continue now convert your income to good source . you will have to pay service tax also , and may TDS .

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    Consult a local attorney, one thays good not some out of the corner one

    Source(s): He'll let you know how to protect yourself, or if you should stop or even if you have any worries.
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    I have no idea about this ,you should ask some person who kws law,,

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