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Have you bred a litter.?

This is a genuine question because we in rescue just cannot understand how the message isn't getting across.

I really want to try and understand how you people feel when you breed a litter.

I totally accept the responsible breeder with 15 people on the waiting list. The person breeding for a genuine market that have either never had a dog back or is always willing to take a dog back if need be.

However, I really want to know the thoughts out there. I believe there has got to be a group that really don't care if their dogs end up pts, but from what I see across the internet, a lot of people just think it won't be their dogs because they will make sure they find good homes for theirs. (which doesn't happen) That is genuinely what I see from 90% of people with pregnant dogs. They want ONE dog from their own to keep the line going !!!! I also see many dogs coming into rescue or being pts because the original breeder just didn't realise or accept that the dogs should be their responsibility for life.

Is this really the case. Please tell me because when I see this (picture below) and look at the statistics, and deal with people every day that are turned away knowing you were their last hope then I just HAVE to try and understand what motivates people to breed (byb) and what do they think happens to the pups they produce.

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  • Cheryl
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    i have never bred a litter ... every pet i have had in my lifetime, from childhood to current were/is spayed/neutered ... i personally question whether it is an IQ thing or a socioeconomic thing as the only people i have come across who breed for money or think breeding is okay, are people lacking post-secondary educations or "real" jobs to gain money ... just my personal opinion as the people i have known in my life are educated with real jobs and not one person i know has not spayed/neutered their pets ...

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    I bred 2 litters- the first from two performance champions (the EASY title in that mating is awarded to about 2 dozen dogs a year as opposed to 200 bench champs). 8 of those 9 pups are in performance homes (I see them at events frequently) and the 9th is an obedience instructors demo dog.

    the second from the (only) dual performance champ in the first litter breed to another dual performance champ - they are 6 months. 4 of the 6 are in performance homes (counting the 2 I kept) one is with the niece of a performance person (I see them at events- someday they'll enter) and the last has 3 children to love (I knew the breeder of the 14 yr old dog they had lost).

    I have an email list for owners so we can keep in touch. Performance folk in my breed don't breed frequently so not only I but the entire fraternity stand to catch dogs in trouble and I've BEEN the port in a storm for dogs I had no connection to...

    I think this qualifies as legitimate breeding though the dogs are not bench champs but this is probably exactly what most people think of litters they breed

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    You are so Right Lorraine the Message is not getting Across.only yesterday the Rescue i volunteer with when i can had to euthanize 4 dogs .No Breed rescue could take them and every option had been looked into.I even offered to Foster 2 of them so they could be given a chance .but all that would mean is there would be more to fill the space and the same fate probably for other dogs .

    There are far too many dogs being euthanized daily .Of course there are 1000s of people that don't care about Breeding there dog all they want is the money .they don't care what happens to the puppy's or even there dog .they wont bother with vet care for the dog or the puppies .there driven by money as they see it as an easy way to make money .

    Many people breed to keep the line going so they say but what line as there dog was bought from a BYB in the first place so all they are doing is adding to the 1000s of dogs and puppies put to sleep daily .

    Some people have No Morals they just don't care they show no Emotion and some people wont be phased by the picture you have posted .to them they could not care less.

    Its a sad situation and a heart Breaking Pic .

  • 7 years ago

    No I have never bred any of my dogs and I don't intend on starting now. I have no reason to breed, so I had all of my Chihuahuas Spayed and Neutered. Some of my Chihuahuas I adopted from a Shelter and some are Rescues. In my opinion, the only people that should be doing any breeding at all, are the professionals who know what they are doing and who are breeding for the right reasons, to better the breed.

    All the BYB's out there are totally irresponsible when they breed their dogs and that's why there is overcrowding in Shelters. If they would just do something as simple as Spaying and Neutering their pets, all the pets in Shelters would have a much better chance at finding a new home.

    I have a very good relationship with both of the vets I take my dogs to regularly. People turn in dogs to them all the time, both puppies and adults, that they cannot take care of or don't want anymore for one reason or another.

    I had been asked by both vets, if I can help them foster some of the dogs and together with their help, find them the right homes. I agreed to help foster these dogs and it was one of the best decisions I've ever made. We always do screenings to make sure the homes these dogs are going to are the proper homes and that their new owners are financially able to properly care for them.

    My vets know how well taken care of my Chihuahuas are and trust me enough to know, that I can thankfully afford to take care of my own dogs and the dogs I foster with their help.

    I can't begin to tell you how good it makes me feel to take these dogs in and how good it feels when I see them going to their new homes. The new owners of the dogs always keep us posted on the progress the dogs are making. The dogs are always happy, loved and well taken care of. The dogs are also Spayed and Neutered and updated on their Vaccinations, before they go to their new homes.

    We have placed many dogs in great homes. Some of the dogs I have fostered were Chihuahuas and since I have loved and owned the breed for over 50 years, I have kept some of the Chihuahuas as my own.

    To all you BYB's out there that are planning on breeding your dogs, DON'T!!! Spay and Neuter your dogs and give these other innocent dogs in Shelters and Rescues a chance at finding a loving and caring owner and proper home.


    Caption says, "I'm tired of being a mom, I want to be someone's baby for once." Spay and Neuter your pets. My vets have this sign posted on a billboard right outside their office, in plain view of everyone driving by, trying to get the message across.

    ADD: Lorraine, that photo you posted is extremely heartbreaking, so sad and so true, because there are so many dogs put down everyday and it can be stopped, if these BYB's were more responsible and were not breeding their dogs and overcrowding shelters even more. These dogs in the photo, did not deserve to die. They did nothing wrong. It's the BYB's that put them there and gave them a death sentence.

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  • 7 years ago


    I have never nor will I ever breed. All my pets are spayed and neutered, rabbits included. No puppies\kittens, baby bunnies here.

    If more BYBers and BYBer wanna be's were forced to look at what happens to all the unwanted already born puppies and kittens they were responsible for putting in the shelters then there would be a lot less BYbers.

    Contracts are worthless and any one who sells intact dogs is just supply BYBers and mills with a means to help clogg up shelters

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    No, and I never would. It would be extremely irresponsible, and I just have no interest in doing it. I wouldn't be able to just turn my back on any dogs that i'd created, and I don't want that responsibility hanging over me for years. Possible returns etc.

    Oh, and not to mention the fact that I know absolutely nothing about breeding! I know that doesn't seem to bother many that just go ahead and do it anyway, but I couldn't.

  • 7 years ago

    "Spay and neuter your pets" is a failed campaign, for the same reason that "Drink, don't drive" is a failure; both depend on cooperative effort. And, by the way, any rule of law to stop the un-cooperative from breeding dogs won't work any better than the rule of law designed to stop the unable-to-cooperate from drinking and driving.

    This is why I discuss with my students the practices of the discriminate Breeder. I believe that education to the matter is a better motivator (to gain cooperation) than any directive to act.

    I guarantee, Lorraine, that the BYB looks at your photo and says - those ain't my dogs, not my problem. And those that don't see it that way, will see it another way: There's 10,000 more pups we gotta produce today to fill the void.

  • 7 years ago

    I have asked a couple BYB breeders this question. One basically said she didn't care because she made money and was able to feed and clothe her kids. She is on disability, her husband passed away. With three kids she needs more money than the government provides.

    The other one meets and interviews the people she sells her pup to. She makes sure they have the means to care for the pup.

    Neither do health or genetic testing and think that what they are doing is ok because people buy their dogs.

  • 5 years ago

    It's people who believe it's cute and they're being responsible when they're not. I had to talk my friend out of mating her dalmation with another. She only wanted a puppy to keep and was going to sell the rest. They're not even KC registered, and have no healthy checks. I just thought why breed a litter because you want a puppy when there are many waiting to be adopted already.

  • 7 years ago

    I have, and did so responsible, as most people that are regulars here do know. BUT, here's the big HOWEVER, which I believe I posted about 3 years ago. Many of the regulars here also know that my current Dobe was a *Craigslist find.* She came to me with her AKC registration application which was never sent in by her past owners, and she was 5 months old. I sent away for her registration papers and a 3 generation pedigree. OK, big deal, right? Well, a friend of mine told me that for $18.00 I could go to the *AKC store* and download a 5 generation pedigree. I did that. Low and behold, my Craigslist Dobe stemed from a breeding I did back in 1995, so her Sire and Dam showed up in that 5th generation. As soon as I looked at the registered names on that pedigree, I knew exactly who I sold a puppy to that did not FOLLOW MY CONTRACT AS IT READ, because that b*tch pup WAS obviously bred. The funny part (or not so funny part) was that I DID speak to that buyer on the phone for 4 years, and she told me that the b*tch she bought was spayed. After that, she moved away and I never found out where she moved to, or a new telephone number for her. Obviously, one of the pups I sold was bred, so I know how many dogs *could* have reproduced because of that. Back in 1995, AKC did not have *limited* registration yet, but if there would have been, and that b*tch would still have been bred, her litter wouldn't have been registrable, and therefore I would have never found that my Craigslist Dobe had come from a breeding I did a long time ago. I CRIED when I found this all out, but knowing there was nothing I could do about it anyway, I had to also be happy that MY CRAIGSLIST b*tch would never be bred, and that one of my own had come back to me in a very odd way, just like she was meant to be mine for a reason, instead of ending up in the hands of someone who could and would breed her.

    I'm all for contracts, and always preach that here, but I also found out that unless one finds out that someone didn't follow through with a contract they signed, that contract is pretty much worthless. I always screened my puppy buyers to the max, but when someone is a GOOD LIAR, they're a good liar. Perhaps that buy had no intentions of breeding the pup she bought from me, but maybe someone with a dog approached her for breeding because they wanted a pup from the litter instead of a stud fee, so that buyer thought they had a legitimate reason TO breed and possibly make a few buck. Of course, I'll never know what the real circumstances were, but I know that my *Ava* won't be having any puppies ever, and yes, she's intact and will be 4 years old in April.

  • 6 years ago

    I think there's more than one person commenting on here; that's up themselves and quite happy to make possibly false assumptions because they think all other people are what dwell in the dark corners of their own minds and should be less judgemental as they would not like the same treatment dished out on themselves

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