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My German Shepherd attacked my Spaniel?

My German Shepherd attacked my TIbetan Spaniel for no reason which was noticeable to us. Anyway, there was no puncture wounds from when we checked the spaniel over but we found that his fang tooth is loose and bleeding. He's falling asleep whilst sitting down and constantly drooling and holding his mouth open he wont eat either. Is this bad signs? Or is this just normal signs of a bad tooth etc?

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    Those aren;t good signs, your dog and that tooth needs attention from the vet. It may have to be removed, or the vet might be able to save it. He may need antibiotics. If it goes grey its dead, if it turns a weird pink colour its infected.

    The GSD has issues and they need to be kept seperated from now on.

    You need specialist help with this dog. Please ask your vet for a referral to the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors


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    First off, take your TB to a vet to make sure no major damage happened.

    Next, hire a dog behaviorist/trainer to assess your GSD and hopefully correct the issue

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