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How to get my Tibetan Spaniel to accept my Alaskan Malamute puppy?

Basically, our Alaskan Malmute is just over a year old and our Tibbie is nearly 9. The Alaskan Malamute is a lovely gentle dog who just wants to love and lick the Tibbie but the Tibbie in return just has a go-not biting just growling and screaming.

How do we get him(tibbie) used to her(alaskan malamute)?

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    You don't and does it matter that much we have a GSD and a JR they just agree to disagree and keep their distance from each other. The JR is 14 it has no time for anyone except rats the GSD is a puppy who in return only has time for digging. Our cats treat them both with disdain therefore in our house we do not have a group of cuddling pets we have pets who have found their own comfy corner and the JR is happy to have his basket where he can see the logs burning.

    Stop worrying who knows your two dogs could become bosom buddies think of Tibble as the older brother to a small sister you know even they don't get on.

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    Whenever you bring in a new animal you have to give the older one time, it won't happen over night, just work with them and have patience, but most of all make sure you show him he is still very much loved and isn't being replaced

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