What is the name tree in tamil version Buddha who sat under them to get wisdom any respectable scholar help me?

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    Bodi Satwa ,under which sri Gauthama Siddhartha Buddha got "Enlightenment.

    TAmil name is =>அரச மரம்=>அரசு

    Sanskrit name is =>ASWATTHA

    Bodi Satwa is =>காரண பெயர்--because of the word BUDDHI from which BODHI is derived.

    For Buddhists the sacred tree is Bodhi Satwa in GAYA in Bihar (Bodh Gaya) in Bihar--under which sri Buddha got enlightened.From the Original Tree, a branch was taken to Sri Lanka (Ceylon) by Asoka's daughter SANGA MITRA.--when the original tree disappeared due to age ,a branch from Sri Lanka was brought and implanted in Bodh Gaya.

    For Hindus the sacred Tree is BANYAN in Hindu GAYA (in Bihar near to Bodh GAYA)

    Banyan Tree in Sanskrit is called => VATA VRKSHAM

    Banyan Tree in Tamil is called => ஆல மரம்

    Sri.Krishna in Sri Villiputthur is called "VATA PATRA SAYEE"

    ஆலிலை க்ருக்ஷ்ணன்

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    Peepal Tree. 10 points to me

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    Yes the bohhdii tree

    the guy above my answer beat me to it :)

    even though he answered a question with a question SO I WIN!!! jk

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