In which TV show do they find a hidden room full of rifles?

I just randomly remembered what I believe was a TV show. One of the main (I think) characters has a hidden room in their house full of rifles and ammo, and not even the wife knows about it (and she flips out when she learns about it).

Unfortunately I'm completely drawing a blank on other details but people who have watched this will remember it. Should have been relatively recent.

The only other thing I'm pretty sure about is that this show has/had an overarching plot, so this scenario and its implications was part of more than one episode, iirc.

Please help me remember this or I won't be able to sleep ;)


It's a serious drama, and not a cartoon.

Update 2:

Thanks Jason, very helpful. Back to my question now, alright?

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  • Jason
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    7 years ago
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    funny scene from one of my fav films

    Hot Fuzz

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    That's probably happened in several shows. For example it happens in Family Guy, Lois discovers that Stewie's got a hidden armoury in his bedroom. (In the episode called 'Stewie kills Lois')(a two part story, the second being called 'Lois kills Stewie')

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