Can my Blu tooth Subwoofer connect to any soundbar with Blutooth?

I have a Sony soundbar with blutooth Subwoofer. Someone broke into my house and stole my soundbar but left my sub. Can I buy just a soundbar and will my Sony Sub connect to it??

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  • Lance
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    7 years ago
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    Probably not... another Sony soundbar might work, if its set up the same... I doubt that another brand will work also the cross-over point needs to match in order for it to sound good...if the subwoofer has the controls ( Volume and Cross-over point) on the subwoofer and not the sound bar and the transmission frequency is the same and the other manufacture also has the same set up with the controls on the sub itself, and the same frequency then maybe....but if the controls are on the Sony soundbar unit or else the controls are on the unit you replace it with thats not going to work....

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