Where can I find a community on-line that wants to make a difference in the world?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I think that you would like to make a difference that would benefit the whole world in the most global, important way possible. I think that you want to do this in a completely open framework--not dependent upon your nationality, ethnicity, race, religion/non-religion, sex, or any other point of your intrinsic being, personal conscience, or ideological outlook.

    I would suggest to you an already award-winning online film that points to this most universal of world problems/opportunities and begin its analysis -- seeking the underlying factor(s) to the entirety of the present crisis that the world is facing. Then I would like to point you to an organization which is seeking, at a grass-roots level, to exactly address that.

    Please see, respectively:

    Source(s): www.crossroadsfilm.com/ www.mutualresponsibility.org
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