Advice about contraception?

I am 15 years old and i am currently with my boyfriend for nearly 2 years.

We are going to be having sex for most definate within 1 month.

Which form of contraceptive is the best to use with a condom?

Where can i get this other contraceptive and for how much (cheapest places please)

How can you get emergency contraception for possibly free or something like that?

Thanks and by the way please dont comment saying 'don't have sex at 15 etc' cause it wont change my mind. Please just answer my questions. Thanks again

2 Answers

  • 7 years ago

    If you're in America, go to Planned Parenthood. If your parents have insurance, then contraception is free under Obamacare. You can also get Medicare if you're poor, and it may cover contraception depending on where you live.

    Along with condoms, you can also use spermicide, and you can get both at any drugstore or pharmacy. They may also sell it at your supermarket. Using two methods is always better.

    You can't get emergency contraception for free and you shouldn't count on it. You're only supposed to use it twice a year at most. Also, condoms protect you against disease, and your boyfriend can give you one even if he's only had sex once or even if he never had intercourse. For example, he can give you herpes or genital warts even if he hasn't had sex but only did rubbing. So always use condoms until you're married.

    You should also talk to your boyfriend about what you would both want to do if you get pregnant. You don't want to find out that one of you believes in abortion and the other doesn't.

    Birth control is also your boyfriend's responsibility. Ask him about splitting the cost if you can't afford it on your own.

    But really, go to and visit them.

  • 7 years ago

    Depends on where you live where is the best and least expensive place to get birth control! I suggest taking the pill as your first form of contraception. However, these is always the shot, patch, iuds ect. Really you need either to consult your family doctor about it, if you feel comfortable with it, or you should do some research about any youth sex health clinics or planned parneting ect clinics near you. Before I was getting birth control on my parents benefits I went to a local clinic called Island Sexual Health which provides LESS expensive forms of birth control than regular clinics ( a pack of pills lasting a month could cost anywhere from $15-40, but these are my local Canadian prices). So I suggest doing some research for a clinic like this near you. Your school probably (and SHOULD) have information like this for you, so you can find a clinic to provide this kind of health care. Do some research, and you should find what your looking for!

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