Can a landlord in Texas withhold property of a third party if his leaser doesn't pay the rent?

A karate club rented a room at a gymnastics studio and always paid its rent on time. But the gymnastics studio failed to pay its rent to the owner of the gym. The gym owner has locked the gym and held all personal property including that of the karate club. I realize the landlord has a right to hold the gymnastics studio's property, but the karate club is a third party and is not guilty of failing to pay its rent. Can the karate club force the landlord to alt least release its personal property? I hope there's a good lawyer out there.

1 Answer

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    They don't have the right to withhold any of the property. Regardless of whose it is. If the gymnastics studio fails to pay rent. the owner would have to take them to court for compensation. Go get your stuff from them.

    Source(s): Judge Judy =p saw episodes exactly like this case
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