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Question for Swadesh?

Swadesh has contacted me via Yahoo mail twice but when I click on the "Reply to this message" it is purely taking me to his page and not to an answer box.

Twice he has contacted me in the last couple of days.

I would have left an answer on an old question of his so that he was notified but his Q & A's are private so that hasn't worked.

Forwarded the whole mail to yahoo in the hope they could tell me what to do about it but no answer...

Anyone else got any answers...

Have put it in here (dogs) in the hope Swadesh sees it.... and if so... mail me an actual email address and then I can answer you.

However in answer to your private message, I don't think this 5 month old is showing actual aggression, more out of control mouthing... Don't allow him to get to people when walking out... he must be kept under control.

God I wish I lived close sometimes... this is all easily solveable if you get a trainer in to show you how.


oh... I see our general comment boxes have disappeared from under each answer again... they were quite handy.

Update 2:

This isn't someone b*tching about something...

I have 5 and half months old male Rottweiler. He's becoming so aggressive towards people. Whenever we go on walk, he jump on people like trying to kill them. Today my friend came to my place, I tied my puppy with a chain (leash) made up of stainless steel. Somehow he broke the chain and did attack on him. He do listen to my every commands. I tried NILIF as you suggested, and really thanks for that. But now I'm in this situation,

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    I always simply ask for an email address. If the asker, or commenting contributor to the question, won't provide that, then I move on with my busy day.

    Life's too short to deal with those who make themselves difficult to deal with.

    As to an aggressive 20-week old Rott ... most outside of the business don't really understand aggression well enough to accurately label it; they just don't.

    I see possessive dogs miss-labeled as aggressive, I see defensive dogs miss-labeled as aggressive, and I see protective dogs miss-labeled as aggressive. But rarely do I see God honest aggressive dogs.

    I used to, and there was one line of Rott which, when doubled back to in a pedigree, I absolutely enjoyed working with. I never got to see the original article in action, but his progeny were bad-***, hard as nails, "gonna bite you and make it hurt all the way to the ground" kind of dogs. The kind of Rott that you learned to use a gauntlet under a Marburg, or Chicago sleeve ... because he was going to crush it.

    Tony A-


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    Lorraine, I think I know who you're talking about because I was the one who posted the link to your profile so he could email you. With that said, I had the same problem with another user yesterday, and I'll tell you what I think the issue is. Someone emailed me yesterday to chew my butt out for an answer I had given to their question, and when I went to reply back, the same thing happened to me. What I think happened in both cases is that they opened their email so they could email us, but then closed it after that so we couldn't email them back. In other words, they wanted to tell us something, but they did not care to hear what we had to say, so they didn't allow us to. In your case, that's really quite sad because that person did take the time to ask a question about their Rott puppy, and even wanted a response from you, but then they wouldn't allow you TO respond back. In my case, it was no big deal because my email was from an under-age user anyway. (12 years old)

    The only other thing is that it might be a glitch, but I doubt that because another user just emailed me a little bit ago through the YA email, and I had to problem emailing them back at all, so therefore I don't really think it is a glitch.

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    I have had the same thing happen too Lorraine, some idiot will email me to btch about something, then close their email so they cant get an answer..very brave and mature if you ask..another reason why Yahoo Arses, you noticed the English word...is for fun ONLY now, not to waste breath giving out well thought advice that no one wants..

  • Ocimom
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    7 years ago

    Same happened to me - the person wanted info on a breeder, but I could not reply back to them to give them the info.

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  • Mary
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    7 years ago

    No clue how to contact anyone.. I tried to, a bull terrier person and another..

  • 7 years ago

    ooops.. scrap that last bit, the comment boxes haven't disappeared...sorry...

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    i would beat the **** out of you *****

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