how to join a minecraft server?

k so i have technic launcher (Cracked) and i always play Voltz (Minecraft version is 1.6.4). I wanted to play on a server alone with my friend so i downloaded minecraft_server.exe 1.6.4 and set it up.

i put the "server-ip" in server_properties and port forwarded and everything (online mode is false so the servers cracked). I joined as localhost: everything is fine and working i joined with the address( and everything is fine and working im playing right now.

So next i text my friend that its ready and send him the address but when he tries to connect an error message comes and says connection failed\timed out.

He doesnt have minecraft server.exe he just has technic launcher cracked with Voltz with the same version as me. Anybody has an idea of whats wrong and how to connect(i dont want to use hamaichi or anything)

Plzzzzz help me quick im so desprate to play some Voltz with my bro

Ps: im always online after midnight so plz feel free to join to play some "friendly minecraft cuz i hope i get to play with alot of people itll be fun ;)

Thx and plz help me quick

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  • 6 years ago
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    Your using the wrong ip address. you need to use your external ip address you get from googleing what is my ip.

    Edit: And I forgot to mention to leave the IP address blank in the server properties.

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  • 6 years ago

    I have a mobi 3g router and when i want to forward my port the 192.168.123 part is in editable

    i go to forwarding rules and choose virtual server

    i found out my public ip is

    any ideas how to change it?

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