Mobi port forwarding ?

I want to set up a cracked server for voltz 3.10 (Minecraft 1.6.4) but i have a mobi 3g router and i need to forward a port with my public ip but i dont know how

when i go to Advanced Settings}Forwarding Rules}Virtual Server i can only forward a port with my internal ip the first 3 parts are ineditable.

where do i forward my port with my public\external ip ( ??????????

right now i have a server on (

Plz help me quick i just wanna play online with my bros

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    You don't forward your public IP, people outside your private network use the public IP along with the specific port number to reach your router. Once there, your router would look at the port number requested and then forward the packet to the appropriate device based on the private IP you assigned.

    So using the info above you would set up port 25565 to forward to, (TCP, UDP or both)

    Then your friends would connect by using

    Also check any security and/or firewalls to be sure the specific port you are using is not blocked.

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