Is there an online piano website where you can upload sheet music and it'll play it for you?

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  • 5 years ago

    You won't be able to feel the music properly or see if the sheet music makes sense or is realistic or sounds pretty without having the real feel of a piano. It is impossible to compose online in an easy and feasible way, and it is impossible to come up with a master piece online with all of the feel and techniques like Pedal or Pianissimo, or even techniques like Legato and Staccato. You won't be able to feel or hear any of these things properly online. There are some acoustic pianos that let you play that also have electricity that let your print out paper while you play with the sheet music, but these pianos are very expensive. To get a true feel of your music, you're best off just composing on a real piano. You'll need musical experience with notation and techniques to be able to do this. Best regards.

  • 6 years ago

    You can purchase OCR scanning software,and it will do this when you then transfer it to a digital notation program like Sibelius or Finale. However, it is NOT perfect - takes tweaking. I have done this countless times to generate practice accompaniments for students doing advanced solos, who have a paid accompanist for the adjudication or audition, but need MORE time than the accompanist can spare, or the student can afford - and they only see ME ( who can also accompany them) once a week at their lesson. This recognition software is very dependent upon the quality of the original's typeface. and fonts used, the size of the staves, etc. Some OCR ( optical character recognition) software will also pick up the diacriticals (artic, cresc., hairpins, etc. - and some will not.

    If you are uploading MIDI - well heck, you can get many programs that will play that back for you. If you need to scan print, and then save as MIDI - easy. Learning to use this software INTELLIGENTLY - so it actually works - might be harder for some folks that just plain finding a live pianist to play this for you.

    Added - repair of minor typos.

    Source(s): MM in Theory - been using this stuff for decades - and it still is not completely accurate, no matter HOW good a program you get.
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