gta online Cheats?

are there any money/RP cheats/hacks/glitches for gta online after the latest update?

my friend did one a loooong time ago before it got patched he is now lvl 64 has enough money (like 1 million) and he is just living the life

i just want a gd amount of money and a gd lvl cuz i work reaally hard but all the other players have a higher lvl

i wouldnt mind missions made to get a gd anount of cash and rp

plz help

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    Modded lobbies have actually returned and people are receiving modded money. Also just search up famous youtubers who do tutorials of money glitches and RP glitches too. I warn you though that Rockstar is cracking down people who glitch and mod. Do Roof Top Rumble if you want to do it the legit way of getting money and getting ranked up. Hope this helps!

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