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What is the meaning of the word "Mersalaayitten"(Tamil) which I heard in one of the songs of Shankar's "AI" movie.?

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    மிரண்டல், மிரல் both mean "to stun", "to be shocked", "to be in a state where don't know what to do". And மிரசல் is another form (not just colloquial) of the word where a "சல்" ending is used to make the noun form of a word. If the word ends with an ஐ sound, then ச்ச‍ல் is the preferred modifier as in நரைச்ச‍ல் இரைச்ச‍ல்.

    There are many examples, I'll give you a taste of the common ones:

    திரண்டல் -> திரல் -> திரசல் which mean "to congregate/gather" is the most common.

    க‌ரல் -> கரசல் meas to make noise (காக்கை கரவா கரைந்துண்ணும்.. from Thirukkural; but கரை -> கரைச்ச‍ல்)

    தரல் -> தரசல் "to give" is a very common one

    நரல் -> நரசல் "to grate" (not நாரல் which means water the root for நாராயணன்--lord that sleeps in "The" water, you might be familiar with நாரை--crane--a bird that lives off of water; search for நாராயணன் at valavu.blogspot.com by iramaki ayya for more on this)

    வரல் -> வரசல் "to come"

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    Tamil Definition

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    Mersal - is a colloquial term in Chennai Tamil

    It can mean a lot of things depending on context, like anger, fear, irritation, shock...

    Simply put, a person who is in the state of 'mersal' is not in his best form.

    "Mersalaayitten" - means "I am mersal-ed !", probably because he just saw the girl or something, that has disturbed his peace of mind.

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    Merasal means mayangi poiten

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    Mersalaayitten means mesmerised

  • Means it is Stunned.Unconscious state of Mind.Not in the state of what to do Next.

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    merasalayitan means shock ayitan that is in tamil meaning ungala partha alagula mayangitanu artham

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    It Precisely means "UPSET" in good mood and "STUNNING" or informal -frightening when you are suddenly seeing beautiful girl or boy .

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    Means mesmerised!

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    Merzalayiten is a word which means u fall in love on seeing her/his beauty... a wonderful creepy feeling in the heart...but still it depends on the context

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