phon18 p asked in SportsWrestling · 6 years ago

brock lesnar vs john sheena???

so i just finish watching the pay per view and i counted the moves in the match. cena did 2 moves in the match with lesnar included the punches and kicks. lesnar did 5 moves in total during the match. lesnar carry that match. and cena being cena has to be superman and win it at the end but thank god he didnt win the title.

all he does is attitude adjustment and that stupid submission that doesnt even look like it hurts. and his awkward kicks and punches. and yet we got the king jery kissing his butt saying cena would won blah blah if seft didnt interfere. whatever mr 2 mvoes of doom dont deserve the title.

Lesnar carried that match

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    hey lesnar did 4 different suplexes

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