Why do internet sites intentionally LIE?

Although sites, such as WIX, weebly, web.com, and many other sites, all list themselves, publicly as:

"Our service is so easy to use that anyone can create a custom web-site, in no time"

Yte once potential users enter the sites, all "directions/instructions" contained, on the site, are written in a "form/way" which ONLY computer programmers, and Ph.d's, in Computer Sciences, can understand?

I mean: Just what are:

1) platforms?

2) domains?

3) drag-and-drop?

and so on.

Why do these sites all LIE, in their advertising, claiming that "Anyone can use our site", when, what they really mean is "Anyone, with an advanced, computer, degree, can use our site".?

Shouldn't these sites advertise "Our site is a wonderful tool, but ONLY for advanced computer users".

WHY do these sites LIE about ease of use????

1 Answer

  • 6 years ago

    Is dragging and dropping an icon a complex thing or difficult to understand? Of course their interfaces are never tested in order to get feedback on user's experiences.

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