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Will Snapchat die soon??

I heard that the company is making zero revenue and living only on angel investors...

Also recently the 'Snappening' has made everyone aware that they are not deleting the photos as said by them.....

So naturally their main audience were the teens who were sending explicit photos of themselves...and now they will stop

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    Don't count on it. SnapChat was making $0 revenue because it chose to in order to establish its business model. In the last month, they have started selling ads, so the zero revenue days are over. And since the photo leak was not SnapChat (yes they do delete the photos - the leaked photos were caught between the snap and SnapChat) so mor ethan likely they will weather that storm.

  • Symzse
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    5 years ago

    It was never big to start with. It never reached Facebook or Instagram or even Whatsapp. You'll find that the only people who really use Snapchat are high school students (teenagers) and the younger college students, and not even all of them. You have to be particularly "popular" to have any fun on Snapchat. For example, I myself was never the social kind (which kind of explains why I caught on to Facebook late enough and I never got into Instagram or Snapchat).

    But anyway, I wouldn't be surprised if it dies in a year or so.

  • 5 years ago

    There is a similar model in market which is "KaKaoTalk". They made negatice revenue, but had a large number of users. They got a sponsor later and sold it to bigger company for a lot.

  • 5 years ago

    I guess so it will.

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