How FAR are hackers willing to go?

For example, I have hackers do the following, to my e-mail accounts:

1) Claim to be the president, of the US

2) Claim to be foreign ministers

3) Claim to have court summons, for me to complete

4) Claim to be relatives, trying to make contact

and so on.

Sure, I know that law enforcement REFUSES to prosecute these criminals, but what I don't see is what "profit" is to be gained, by these hackers.

They don't make any money, off of these attacks (which is what these messages are).

The more, of these fake messages, I receive, the easier it becomes, for me to just delete such messages.

I don't even bother reading about 90% of them.

I just want to know what profit these trouble-makers hope for, by deceiving the public into thinking these people are court workers, police, or federal agents, or even family members?

With the expenditure, of time, and energy, but no profit, where is the incentive, for these criminals to continue their FRAUD, by sending false messages?

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  • lucy
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    6 years ago
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    1st off, do not delete, since you will still get them. Anytime, you read an e-mail, then they know it is a live account, and many will sell you e-mail address to other hackers. So, don't read, hit spam, to keep stopping more hackers.

    2nd, what they get or hope for, is your money and your identity. They will state that the IRS, court etc has a warrant, or under suspiction, so will help you, if you provide them with personal details, or money to straighten this out.

    Identity theft is prevalent and can cost you years to clean up your credit, after they take out multiple credit cards, or steal from your accounts, if you give them your info.

  • 6 years ago

    Emails can and do contain links, that if you click on them, they can install a number of viruses. And even with all the warnings, SOME PERSONS do not understand the falsity of some emails and they get scammed financially. Some viruses allow access to your system for various reasons (including getting keystrokes if you log into things like a bank account).

    So.. yeah. SOME of them do gain money.

    Golden rule... do not open any email if you don't know the person. And install a GOOD virus checker on your system.

  • WRG
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    6 years ago

    You should up that to 100% of not reading them.

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