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Louis asked in PetsFish · 6 years ago

Ever bought live aquarium fish online?

I'm considering doing it. I've always wanted a gold nugget pleco for my tank but I have yet to find a store that carries them. I'm obviously apprehensive because it's an expensive fish and even more with shipping and it seems like a risky way to purchase a fish. Has anyone ever bought live fish online? What was your experience like? Any site recommendations that you've used? Do you know any other ways to find uncommon fish such as a good nugget pleco?

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  • 6 years ago
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    If you find a highly rated good sight (that you should really research into) you could order the pleco online with no problems since plecos and other armoured catfish are such tough fish. Just make sure you have a hiding place ready to help relieve stress.

  • Sharon
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    5 years ago

    no, I like to see what i'm buying before I spend the money I have good shop owners around me and a lot of ones that aren't big companies. they know who I am and I talk with the people who work there whenever I'm in. if there's something I want, they'll order it for me, and sometimes even ask me for ideas on what to order but if a fish isn't in the store tanks more more than a day or two, you could end up getting sick fish from either one. I have bought lights and filters from that pet place, they have some good deals if you can get enough to make the shipping worth it. if you sign up for their email list, they even have free shipping promos sometimes

  • 6 years ago

    Once my uncle bought some goldfish online he bought four for his garden pond and when they arrived one was dead and another died that very day as of stress however one of my friends bought meteor minnow once and they all arrived fine so it's up to you really

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