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Is watching porn bad?

Is watching porn once a month or so for 20 minutes is it dangerous. I'm a 15 year old boy


I've been watching porn every month since I was 14 I set limits I don't want to see woman as objects that I use for pleasure

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    At 15, it's natural to want to see sexually explicit material. However, there are some reasons that your developing sexuality might be negatively impacted by watching porn. Here are some potential reasons:

    1. If you are watching porn that is violent or demeaning to men or women, you can teach your mind to link sex and violence or sex and degradation. Have you taken Psych 101 in school? Humans can be conditioned just like Pavlov's dogs. We link two things together long enough and they become linked in our minds. And when that happens, it will affect your sexual triggers and may negatively impact future relationships with real women.

    How to combat that: Well, first, you could watch porn that is not demeaning or violent. "Demeaning" is a subjective term, but generally, it means that the porn would include actual violence or degrading language such as name calling, rape scenes, etc. So be careful what you decide to turn on to because it could stick with you life long, and impede your sexual relationships with healthy women.

    2. Many young people, and even some older people, think fiction is reality. Porn is fiction and does not in any way depict how real adults have sex. Even "good" porn is still fiction. Do NOT expect your sexual encounters to look ANYTHING like what you see in porn. It will cause you to really have disappointing experiences and relationships if you expect that.

    How to deal with that: Tell yourself often that this is fiction and it's not how sex works. Make sure you have fantasies about REAL women or men in real situations. People don't, in reality, have one drink in a bar with a stranger and then go have a threesome. Women don't pick a guy up on a roadside and have sex with him in the car. People don't pop out of a closet and join an orgy. Keep your brain real.

    3. Real bodies don't look like porn bodies. Now, the folks who act in porns are real people of course, but it's their job to cosmetically change themselves to fit a very narrow and unsustainable (and frankly, not actually pretty when you look at it with fresh eyes) paradigm. Women in particular don't look like that in person. The people in porns have often had much cosmetic surgery, been airbrushed, and work out for hours a day to maintain the body types you see in mainstream porn, like Vivid and those companies. The women often have surgery on their genitals to make them look unnaturally small and childlike. So training yourself to turn on to a "porn look" is also really going to lead to disappointment and lead you to potentially unnecessarily judge women by a standard that is likely to result in loneliness for you, because we just don't freaking look like that.

    How to deal with that: When you are ready, get with real women or/and men and see them as beautifully unique. Don't judge by porn standards cuz they aren't real.

    4. Watching porn too much, or doing anything too much, keeps you from living life. You are 15, so you need to be out in the world having fun, studying, seeing movies with friends, roller blading, camping, and eating pizza. Don't let porn become too big for your life, or it will deprive you of social experiences and this WILL negatively impact you.

    How to deal with that: Give yourself time limits and stick to them.

    5. People who watch porn often get the idea that women and men in porn are "different" than "regular people," and while they may be cosmetically enhanced, they are not different beyond that. Sexy women and men are not to be looked down upon, disrespected, or called "sluts" and things like that. Porn tends to use demeaning words and that's wrong. A woman who has a lot of sex is NOT less valuable in any way than a woman who makes more conservative choices. Judging people for sexual choices is evidence of a small mind. Do be that guy.

    How to deal with this: Recognize that penises don't take a piece of a woman's worth with them when they leave. Don't call people negative names for their sexual choices, regardless of what they are, including calling women who are virgins "prudes" or "frigid." Negative judgment for life choices is not what decent people do to one another.

    Source(s): I'm a mom and a former men's magazine model (never did porn, but some of my friends back then did)
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      Well, if you want more advice, please e-mail me.

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    Source(s): Watch Hot Girls Alone :
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    Wether your a troll or not I'll share this. A few years ago I read in the local paper about a young boy like maybe 12 or so who watched porn. But it was also revealed that this 12 year old was also having sex with his little brother who may have been six at the time. A very sad news article. Can you imagine what it's been like for that family? So somehow the 12 year old got a perverted view on sex from watching porn one may think. I don't know what kind of porn the kid was watching, there were no specifics given, just that it was porn. So ever since I read that now, I can better understand why only adults of a certain age are allowed legally to watch porn. Porn I'm sure can skew people's thinking, as perhaps it has mine in a way as I've watched it now for many years and in many ways now, I expect my sex life to mirror porn. I expect my partners to be willing to do most of what you see people in porn do. I'm not interested in anal at all. But most else of what female porn perfrmers do I would like my partners to do. At one time I didn't think that was expecting too much, but according to some it is.

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      This is no laughing matter at all. And I don't get how anyone could thumbs down thiis response, as it's a prime example of how porn could be detrimental to children.

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    When I was your age I was into porn. If you use it too much you can become addicted to it. Be careful. Always keep in mind that it is NOT an accurate portrayal of relationships or women. You're not a bad person for being into it at your age. It's normal. But keep in mind...there are men that are much older than you and me (I'm 26) that rely on stuff like that and can't look at women without fantasizing bout banging them in every hole possible...which is pretty pathetic. You'll get used to porn and it might kill your motivation to go out into the world and get some actual poon tang because you know you can always resort to porn. Forget porn, focus on personal development and go out there and get laid. But don't be a douche about it and take advantage of people.

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    this is a chicken or egg question!

    Does porn cause good people to have problems?

    or do many people already screwed up watch porn along with other things they do?

    Porn will not turn basically good people bad, just as nothing can take a basically bad person and force them to become good

    AND you deep inside bad people know who you are, stop acting so righteous and pure

    Just as eating chocolate and candy and cakes does not guarantee a basically health person will be fat and obese

    But If you see a person who is hugely obese eating a piece of cake you should not assume he got that way just because he ate cake

    a Fat person could have gotten that way eating way too much healthy foods like Broccoli,,, too much is too much out of control is out of control,, the fact the fat person is seen eating the one piece of cake he eats a years, does not mean all people who eat cake get fat.

    Porn is a Movie -- Movies are fantasies so are most books etc.

    the Movie Casablanca was fantasy and not real -- yet we do net have a forum - question IS too much Romance bad for real marriage ? and YET it is if you are abusing romantic ideals and ignoring your spouse - Life is not a harlequin novel.

    Find a acceptable PORN movie watch it with your husband or wife and boink each others brains out.. IT strengthen your relationship -- and if it does not make you feel great,,, you have other problem not related to porn at all.

    people need to stop blaming porn for bad behavior or bad relationships..


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      Ummm ......... I don't think he's going to be watching porn with a husband or a wife for a while yet, he says he's 15

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    NO watching porn is not bad? as your watching it. Once a month or so for 20 minutes. It is NOT dangerous. your just an average. 15 year old boy. And every 15yo boy does it. we all go after the porn mags from the news agents. or rob our parents stash. But do ignore the religous mob. as the bible is quite controling.

    no it is not for a few reasons.

    1. It creates a false expectation of what you may expect from your future sex partner

    2. It is demonic and can cause a separation between man and G-d

    3. It can and most likely destroy any relationships you have.

    Be smart and watch it longer than an hour every day. AND burn your bloody bible! as it contradicts itself. Over and over.

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    As long as porn doesn't become an addiction then I don't see it as bad. If you watch it only once a month then that is not bad at all. However, porn is not a good way to see what you "should be doing" or how sex should be.

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    At your age, you're going to have questions about sexual relations and you aren't going to get any true answers by watching porn. Girl pizza deliverers won't drop to their knees if they don't have correct change, the girl next door may sun bathe, but that isn't an invitation for you to come over and have sex with her. Women don't like to get squirted on, the list goes on and on. Just remember porn is a male fantasy world, not based in reality.

    • Porn is for women too! ;) And some of us would enjoy getting squirted on. We can get just as into it as you can!

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    These materials are not shown to minors because folks your age are still gathering knowledge and forming opinions about sex, relationships, and gender; porn is corrupting in the sense that it gives a fragmented, unrealistic, genital-focused picture of these issues, merely for entertainment, and without any sense of balance or fairness or appreciation for the humanity and wholeness of the person attached to those genitals.

    And that's fine, porn is porn. No genre is obligated to be responsible, good, or moral.

    But it's high-octane, dangerous entertainment and it doesn't do us a lot of benefit to have these images in our heads when we're fumbling through our first encounters with relationships.

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    Most people at 15 watch porn everyday

    im 16.

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      That is not accurate, Maybe you did, but most people don't.

  • I started watching porn when I was 9. That is not bad but don't watch too much.

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