Why do Christians lack ambition and focus?

I'm a single Christian guy with a 6-figure income. I speak 4 languages and grew up in 3 countries. I'm not materialistic by any means, but I believe people judge us Christians by how we present ourselves. America is a superficial society, and we need to make ourselves presentable.

Most Christians at my church don't even have jobs, additionally, they marry so young and have multiple children then expect people like me to "donate" money so they can raise their children.

Most of the "single" women at my church are obese single mothers with multiple children from different men. All they do is complain that they cannot find godly men.

There are no smart Christians for me to date or hang out. All the men at my church either talk about sports or the weather.

I feel so out-of-place at my church. Is this how it is at most churches? Where are all the smart Christians like we used to have in the old days?

I was recently invited to a synagogue and got to meet politicians, doctors, lawyers and the like. Now I understand why Christians are being pushed around in society.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago
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    >I'm a single Christian guy with a 6-figure income. I speak 4 languages and grew up in 3 countries

    All lies.


  • 6 years ago

    Given you're a Christian, you should probably aspire to be a little less judgemental.

  • 6 years ago

    Not all. But the the bible does say to keep our eyes on the prize - that is Jesus, not the world.

  • kim
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    6 years ago


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  • andy c
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    6 years ago

    Please don't generalise about all Christians just from your own experiences of church. Please read James.

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