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Me and a friend was cleaning all the cosmoline stuck in it. We took the bolt out amd pressed the button and tried turning it. It only went so far and is now stuck. It is a mauser m24 model. We learned the safety wasn't flipped up. How back did we f-ck up?

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  • BBean
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    6 years ago
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    Here`s the same answer I gave a month ago about a Turkish Mauser....the same fix;

    Problem; you attempted to unscrew the bolt shield with the safety in the "off" position.

    You heard a click.

    To fix;

    Turn the bolt upside down and notice the position of the sear...it should be 90 degrees from the horizontal bolt lugs to go back in the rifle. The bolt handle base should be down, opposite the sear.

    You have to be stout to do this. Place the sear against a wooden chair arm or something soft but very stable and push down about 5/8" or so and turn the bolt assembly until you feel the spring is loaded. If the sear and bolt handle base are 180 degrees opposing each other and the both of them 90 degree to the locking lugs you are almost set to install. The extractor should be in line with the right locking lug (which becomes bottom when bolt is locked in). If all this is in line then the bolt assembly is ready to place back into the receiver. Don`t forget the follower may restrict forward movement or the ejector box may not be out far enough. Good luck.

    Note: The sear is the part that sits above of the trigger when the bolt is in.

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  • ?
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    6 years ago

    Oh, I forgot to mention when you dissassemble the bolt make sure the safety is in the right position. BBean gave a good description, but if you don't understand that try Google search. It happened to me a few years ago and it can be reassembled with some work.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    You F'd up by not finding and reading instructions before you started.

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