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Who is better actress : Chloe Grace Moretz or Kristen Stewart?


Hello, who is better actress? Chloe Grace or Kristen? Fitting in all type of roles and provide justice to the characters given to them... being versatile.

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    Hands down, chloe grace moretz!!

    She's young but proven herself a very good actress. I remember her roles very well and i think she played each one very well.

    While kristen stewart is alsp a good actress, just imagine if she wasnt cast for twilight, most of us wouldnt have known her by now.

    Chloe moretz needs no breakout roles to be known. Her acting itself made her a star :)

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    Kristen Stewart

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    Chloe Grace Moretz.

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    Chloe. Look at who she's worked for and with? Sometimes I motive parts of her acting is kinda weird but she's still very young. Kristen Stewart is only good at being high. Robert Pattinson is the best actor in the twilight series and he even said he doesn't like them. Snow White and the huntsman was so bad they scrapped the sequel and decided to do a prequel. Kristen Stewart is not a good actress

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    Its Chloe for me.. I like Kristen too. But that doesn't mean she is a good actress.. not as long as acting means being versatile and fitting in all roles given to you.. Kristen was good in Twilight but I should mention that she has made it a habit of acting gloomy and toxic in all movies.. Have you seen Snow White? I felt Kristen's acting is an irony to film's name, Snow White's character and plot...

    Chloe is so talented.. Unlike Kristen, She can be meek Mia of If I stay and funny Annika of Laggies.. Great Child artist in Hugo and played strong character in 5th wave...

    So Kris fans.. This is the reason.

    Kris can be good actress for roles like Bella Swan. But she is not a moral human being. We all know that.

  • Angie
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    I actually like Chloe. Anyway i dont understand why so many people say Kristen is not a good actress. I like her in Twilight

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    Kristen Stewart. Have you seen The Runaways?

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    Kristen is my idol, anyway they're both beautiful and good talented actresses

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