Is some site promoting Native American ancestry?

Yes, Native American ancestry is the longest running lie in American genealogy, but I wonder if some white privilege site is promoting the idea that Native Americans have it easy with many government benefits. We have had such a flurry of such question lately I wonder if some right-wing agitators is promoting the idea that being (fractionally) Native American is Easy Street.

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  • 5 years ago
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    ha, ha....that's an interesting theory. Yeah...I 've heard we get free college....we get free checks from the government, just for being indian.....we don't have to pay taxes.....we get free houses..... and so on.. Holy cow, I wish even ONE of those things were true.

    I mean, I've actually met people, who, upon learning I am indian, say " lucky you, you get_(such and such)_____benefits". I have to fight the urge to say " Are you F-ing KIDDING me?"

  • 5 years ago

    This is probably one of the biggest scams going on. There are several FAKE tribes, which are not officially recognized by the United States Government. There is a difference between being a native American (someone who was born in the United States, regardless of race or ethnic origin) and being Native American. I keep seeing blonde, blue-eyed "Native Americans" popping up all over various dating and social networking sites. When I ask them what tribe(s) they are a part of, they get upset. "I am a Native American! Do you understand that?" Most Native Americans are proud of their culture and heritage and will be upfront about it. Interesting enough many of these "Native Americans" are not in the United States. Instead they are in places such as Russia, Egypt, Nigeria, and the Philippines. Really? Dead giveaway they are scammers! True, Native Americans can live abroad, but I really don't think most of "them" are legit.

    If you really want to know your ancestry, start with yourself. Gather your birth certificate, marriage certificate (if applicable), etc. Talk to your parents, grandparents, cousins, etc about it. If you have reasonable grounds to believe that you have some Native American heritage, you can look at the Tribal Archives.

  • 5 years ago

    Oh, people have just heard the Native Americans are getting benefits and times are hard and there are those who have heard stories of a great great grandmother who was a Native American and they feel they might be able to get some help. I don't think most want to be offensive but naturally they are to Native Americans who resent people who have never been part of tribal life trying to take advantage of what they believe is their native ancestry to "get their share."

    I have never heard of of seen a website promoting the idea.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    There are hundreds of bullshit sites out there making the claim Natives are living off the tax payers. This lie has been promoted for decades in both the US and Canada.

    Look at the so called college professor who tossed a student out for challenging the prof's claim there was no genocide perpetrated against Native Americans. I cringe everytime I see a school kid post the usual homework that lumps all Native American and First Nations into one big homogeneous group assuming they are all the same. Mistruths and misinformation are still being taught at the elementary school level and it just gets worse with the adults.

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  • Maxi
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    5 years ago

    Unfortunately people don't seem to be proud of who and what they are, it is a society that is open to marketing and have what you want now, along with people being convinced that DNA ancestry tells you who your ancestors were and where they came from, instead of the truth of an entertainment product to be sold to make money and fashion.... it is fashionable ( now) to be Native American, or a bit, fraction, percentage or piece of another nation, when NO ONE is anything but themselves, nothing but one nation and if they are dual nationals then they are 100% a national of each nation not 50/50... I do have to say that NA society don't help themselves by accrediting people with CDIB giving a percentage of "blood" which confuses or conveniently confuses those who want to believe the family story of great granny being NA and what percentage they are NA

    So fairy stories told by family just like everyone is Irish, that family crests exist and are attached to surnames, Native Americans get free everything, it is more about escapism from their real lives and who they really are, makes them "sound" and "feel" better about themselves all myths...but when I was young I wanted a unicorn and convinced myself they were real and one day I would find and buy one...

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    5 years ago

    In 1973 I heard a 12-year old child say she was 1/16th Cherokee and that if her family moved to Oklahoma, they would get free land. This was long before the Internet. The rumor of "Indian Benefits" has been floating around for a long time.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    Could be. There is probably a Lysol troll and a couple of other YA users who are signed up for it too!

    Source(s): Calif NDN, don't fall for the mythology!
  • This isnt a new's been happening for decades.

    Everyone loves to believe the most ridiculous myths about ndns. They hate us because of the myths...but also want to be us because of the myths.

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