Is the West Happy the Russian plane crashed?

we the UK, USA are actually in a proxy war against the Russians arent we

we support the moderate Syrians but they support the Assad regime

are alot of people in the West happy that this has happened to russia? could it be just desserts for them shooting down the plane over Ukraine last year?

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  • Flower
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    4 years ago

    Russia did NOT force that Malaysian plane down last year. The Dutch Board of Inquiry did not conclude culpabiity. They said a criminal inquiry would make that determination next year.

    There were many eastern Ukrainians who described seeing parts of the plane fall and Kiev is responsible for allowing the plane to fly into a conflict zone. The culprit was a BUK missile. Ukraine has old Russian weapons. The self-defense forces did not have such a missle.

    There are no moderate syrians who are in a battle. Thats what America calls them to justify arming them. They are part of al Quaeda and al Nusra and are anarchists trying to overthrow Assad's government. They are funded by the U.S. and others who are Sunnis. If the U.S. had not done that, there would not be a war today. The political foes of Assad would have a different way of removing him from power.

  • 4 years ago

    No, it seems to have been due to technical problems, rather than having been shot down, so there is no equivalence. And in any event no-one except religious zealots would wish for revenge in this manner.

    The cause is most probably poor maintenance, as Russian airlines seem to have a history of such. But it could also be due to manufacturing issues. As the plane was an Airbus 321, it was built in the West, with US/French CFM engines, UK wings, French/German fuselage and a Spanish tail. So the West might be very unhappy from that standpoint.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    NO one in their right mind would applaud the death of innocent people no matter who they are,what worries me about the whole situation,how could they immediately say it was not a terrorist act,before an investigation took place ?first of all there are missiles that can bring a plane down from above 32 thousand feet,and if you have got the money you can obtain any thing on this planet,SO WHY,all the immediate cover up,well if it was proofed that a missile did bring the plane down the back lash in RUSSIA would be a tremendous blow to Mr PUTIN who is being blamed on causing the sanctions against RUSSIA already,then the illegal invasion of the UKRAIN,and now the involvement of RUSSIAN troops in SYRIA,which many Russians were against in the first place,an now if it is prooved that the terrorists did bri/ng down the Ru.ssian airliner in revenge for the bombing of them in SYRIA,then Mr Putin's position in Russia would be very dodgy with the people ?,the quick response of the pilot reporting that the plane did not feel right and so called technical problems,and now the co pilots wife saying her husband told her he was worried about the plane,so WHY the hell did it take off in the first place right?think about it.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Are you nuts?

    There were over 23 kids killed as well!

    Strange how those who profess to love war don't have the balls to be upfront! But use stool pigeons instead!

    Ukraine flight crash! US said it HAD PROOF! So far have shown NO SUCH PROOF!

    What does that say? The jury is out! Either PROVE IT beyond a shadow of a doubt or shut up!

    Moderate rebels? Since when has Al Qaeda been "moderate"? All the rebels have links to Al Qaeda, ie are terrorist groups! Didn't Bush screw up the middle east 2003 to take on Al Qaeda? As usual Al Qaeda not only outlasted Bush, but flourishes in every country US saw fit to bomb!

    Bush 0.

    Aware ISIS are claiming responsibility for the Russian crash? "Russian Plane Crash Caused by 'External Impact on Plane'"

    Watch "The Real Truth Behind Russian Flight KGL9268 Crash In Egypt" on YouTube

    Youtube thumbnail

    "The Real Truth Behind Russian Flight KGL9268 Crash In Egypt" on YouTube

    Youtube thumbnail

    Ukraine. What Did the MH-17 Report Find?

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  • 4 years ago

    No passenger plane crash brings joy. Don't presume that the US government wasn't involved with both planes. Russia would be expected to be blamed for the first plane as a political tactic because the US aimed for Crimea control and was thwarted. The second plane could be retaliation for Russia killing CIA support for ISIS to overthrow Assad. There might be some groups that find joy in such subterfuge, but average Americans would be disgusted if they had to recognize it.

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  • 4 years ago

    The west may be at odds with the Russians over the middle east but this is not politics. The west will be giving every assistance to the Russians and Egyptians to find out what happened to that aircraft.

  • NO.We are not pleased a plane belonging to a friendly country has crashed.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    That would be very savage, to be happy about innocent people dying.

    About Flight MH-17 it's odd how well the propaganda worked, we know it was a Ukrainian who shot down the plane(no matter which version of events you believe), the EU/NATO holds Russia responsible for it though.

  • The people on-board were just ordinary tourists. I offer my condolences to those affected by the tragedy. I'm sure that most right thinking people in the west would do likewise.

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