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what do you believe caused the russian plane crash?

do you think it was mechanical failure? the russians and egyptions are still investigating the crash and haven't reached any conclusions yet.

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    Pointless, It doesn't matter what foolish untrained people think caused the crash, maybe it was bigfoot Elvis, or Nessie for all we know. It is smarter to wait for the EXPERTS to tell us what most likely happened rather than have silly people make wild speculations.

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      you're right. there is no point in speculating in the absence of evidence. until investigators complete their investigation, there's no saying what caused the crash. it may take the russian and egyption authorities year to painstakingly piece together all the wreckage and deduce the true cause.

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    A bomb would leave traces on the wreckage and it shouldn't take long to confirm this.

    It has been confirmed airport security measures were lax - which would be harmful to the Egyptian tourist trade and Russia's protection of its citizens - BOTH these aspects being grounds for suspecting an ISIL terrorist attack.

    It's hardly surprising investigators are taking time to confirm any forensic evidence of such - despite pressure to do so asap (given many 1000s of tourists anxious to return home - and many more booked to visit Egypt in the coming weeks/months).

    I suspect US satellite images - of the spread of the wreckage - and the timing (35-40 minutes after take-off) - BOTH grim similarities with the Lockerbie disaster - point to an on-board bomb - smuggled by ISIL sympathisers - or even an easily bribed baggage-handler - unaware the package didn't contain illicit drugs...but something much deadlier.

    REASONS for NOT rushing to speculation as to WHO, HOW and WHY ?

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      someone probably ****** with the pilot.

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    Four days ago the Russians said categorically that it was not pilot error. Between the date the incident happened until now, the world press have shown debris strewn all over the Sinai asking what caused it. Now, after inspecting the contents of the black box, they say they detected a muted bang sound. It doesn't add up.

    Surely the so called experts would have spotted traces of carbon.

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    The Russian and Egyptian investigation has not determined that, so how should we know the other side of the world? Nobody should presume that they know. American intelligence is not human. If it was sabotage I would guess someone on the inside was paid by either ISIL, al Quaeda, al Nusra, the CIA, the State Dept., Chechans, or Syrian National Council.

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    I won't 'beleive' anything until the facts are revealed, but a bomb planted on the plane either in luggage or by corrupt maintenance people would appear to be the most probable cause.

  • mark
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    May well turn out to be a terrorist bomb, but keep in mind that Russia is notorious for poor aircraft maintenance. Plane crashes in the Soviet era were far more frequent than in the West.

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    I am going to say that ISIS has a say in this recent crash. According to multiple sources, shrapnel was found in bodies aimed as if a bomb exploded and shot out pieces of metal. In my opinion though, ISIS has proved nothing with this tragic event. They are extremists and terrorists, and we don't need anymore evidence to support that.

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    The incident has been looked at by the UK, and they say they are certain someone smuggled a bomb onto the plane in a plastic bag, that's why it exploded in mid air.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    A bomb in retaliation to Putin bombing innocent civilians.

    Checking in hold luggage on those budget flights is a joke

    you can get anything through and they pay the lowest rates

    and rents for ground services and departures staff that's why.

    The safest passenger airlines in the skies are ARAB airlines.

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      WHOSE next got any holidays booked ?

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    The said they are 90% sure it was a bomb. But even if it wasn't a bomb planted by ISIS what excuse therefore would they possibly need to bomb them into dust with AC 130 gunships!?

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