what is the ri8 way to punish an arrear student of anna univ affiliated clg for the dress code in the day of exam? help me if thrs a solutn?

i had arrear in b.e r2008.. meanwhl i m stdying in an ibps classes now, i forgot abt the dress code thing. but i was perfectly covered by long sleev, short top chudi. but the clg staffs didnt allowed me to write my exam & asked me to change the dress. i was waiting till 9.15 for hall ticket but they just told that at the last 5mins. they made me go late more than 1hr. i was ready to meet principal & write apology letter. but they didnt allowed me to do so. they just told me to go & change my dress. then a girl gave me dress frm hostel and i got hall ticket on 11am.. thn i rushed to my exam hall. coz of my bad health i got breathing prbm and shivering in the exam hall.. finally i was able to start my exam on 11.30. but i almost forgot every math steps coz of the top embarrassment.. i heard that there're nearly 6 ppl malpracticed in my exam hall i wasn't see that coz of my health & exam prbms. but no one askd a word to them as they didnt wished to endanger the students future.but i lost my future coz of very tiny prbm & my efforts were wasted :'( i spent Rs.15000 for extra class, took each & every steps to clear those papers within this sem.i didnt even had a gud sleep since 1month. y couldnt they allow me to meet principal & let me write the exam? is it the ri8 way to punish? is it ok to spoil my future for my mistake? sometimes i feel to end my life. i confess thats my mistake i didnt wear long tops. but i was perfctly covered. pls help me come out from those embarrassed day.

1 Answer

  • 4 years ago

    these kinds of things are caused by simple statements abpout complex issues.Not your fault.

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