what does it mean when a girl pats/holds your shoulder when you're saying goodbye on first meeting? im libra, she's saggitarius.?

me and this girl have been talking alot on social media and we have common interests, getting to konw each other and stuff. Yesterday we got to meet each other and we talked for a bit here and there. it was good. i did feel bad because i learned she can get overwhelemed by being in company of alot of ppl making her feeel breathless as a result. regardless, she still talked to me until she had to walk outside for fresh air. later on in the night, we saw each other when we could and talked. at the end, her ride was leaving and i couldn't spend more time with her. so i said cya, theres alot of ppl in the room btw, and she said it was nice meeting me, she patted once then held my arm with her hand, her hold was soft if that matters, i smiled at her and said the same. i didn't touch her tho...we met for the first time yesterday. there's that. im curious of subtle non verbal cues that i can be aware that confirms where her interest in me lies.

she's really reserved for a saggi. and me too for a libra. i have noticed at odd times our common interests would have us noticing or doing similar things that matched, like she wore a hat with a zelda emblem on the front and i have a wallet with the zelda emblem on the front too. i saw her phone have a keyboard function and im buying mine that has it too. we never talked about types of phones we like. and we reach those results.


if you need some more context lemme know

Update 2:

im curious of subtle non verbal cues that i can be aware that confirms where her interest in me lies.

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  • 5 years ago

    Hmm, maybe you're just determined to find any form of connection to get closer with her. She does seem friendly with you, though, which is a start.

    She may have a Sagittarius Sun sign, but she will have other placements within the chart to indicate a different inner energy. I am sure that if the two of you get closer, or simply friendlier, she will express herself more openly and less reservedly, and then you will begin to see her true colours.

    Check for eye contact, feet placements and posture when she talks with you - also when you're in the same room or atmosphere, but not directly with one another. (If she doesn't close her body language with you, she feels safe with you). I recall you being pretty sensitive to energy changes with people, so you will pick it up quicker than expected. BUT, just don't consciously 'look' for the signs, because you will miss them.

    Eventually, ask her if she is seeing anybody, or ask friends of hers if she is - if you want to know, that is. The reason I say eventually is because there is a difference between 'signs you perceive' and 'reality'. You will never know unless you attempt something.

    And ... that emblem is awesome. Good choice.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    That's a friendly gesture.Lol

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