what's it mean when a girl wears your necklace and she knows you have a matching pair (details inside)?

I was at a meeting with this girl i like. beforehand, i told her about giving her a gift. she told me i didn't have to give her anything and that she just cherishes any time she can talk to me. context was that we were talking about something sentimental beforehand and i brought up the idea of giving her a necklace because i wanted to be like a token of our friendship. like something that can carry our memories. anyway, at the meeting, as soon as it was ending, i ask her if we can go outside. i wanted to be alone with her. so i take out two necklaces, one is a light colored one and the other one is dark colored.(i noticed her body language during this like she was fidgeitng with her hands) i made a joke about how each necklace is like a choice. it was relvant to a game we were playing where those two choices mattered. she was laughing as i was explaining this to her. i also said something like the necklace can give us energy in our goals. the next day, i msg her and she said she's wearing my necklace to give her energy. mind you, she's kinda reserved and shy. but at the same time not. i see her like the moon. i am energetic when im with her and happy going. so i see myself like the sun. i do like her, but i was wondering whats it even mean if she wears my necklace? i didn't even ask her if she was wearing it. she just told me. i told her i would wear the necklace too, so she can have my energy.


im libra, she's saggi. we both can be pretty reserved for our signs.

1 Answer

  • 5 years ago

    How nice! I think it means she truly appreciate you & the gift you gave her =). Especially if you two are out somewhere & she still wears it. I think it's a good sign of how good she feels about you. Also you can just tell she likes you for you not for the material things. To me, she sounds like a keeper. Good thing i love about Sagittarius women is that if they like you or what you do for them; they'll make sure you know it. I wish you two much happiness

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