Whats the name of this anime, or cartoon?

Um, a long time ago, probably when I was 10ish which was about 8 years ago maybe, there was an anime or cartoon on the Adult Swim block of cartoon network. Like the only thing I can really remember of it was a girl and a guy. I think they were like mercenaries or something cause I remember guns, but they girl kept like jumping on the guy too have sex with him or something? I think it was around the time Shin was airing or well back when anime was a huge part of Adult Swim. If you know anything then sweet, if not give suggestions I guess? Either way thanks


I remember one of the scenes that she jumped on him was they were in like a big field and another was in a bedroom on like a bunk bed I think?

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    I've heard about a similar one called black lagoon but not sure if that it but I think it's close.

  • Adam
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    5 years ago

    outlaw star had a guy and a girl but she didn't jump his bones, trigun had some girls doubt thats it shes like a reporter or some ****, i can't remember any older ones go watch afro samarai that has boobs

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