Is it okay too just use straight braid?

Im not the best fisherman nor the most knowledgeable. I've got 40lb braid on my catfish pole but I just wanted too ask if it's fine whether or not too use straight braid or should I use a leader?

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  • 4 years ago
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    You can run straight super braid, but I will tell you that a monofilament or fluorocarbon leader does come in handy for when you get the fish in close and you want to grab the line, which I must say that super braid will cut you very badly if you grab the super braid with your bare hands because it is a very slick line that is also very thin but it is possible to use gloves to help protect your hands if you run straight super braid.

    As BOBBER said, if your reel is not super braid ready, which is just a spool that has some tough rubber put on the arbor, so the super braid has something to grab onto, and some bait casting reels do have a small hole to tie super braid on.

    You can find things on how to tie knots with super braid, and I will tell you that you should look up some of the things on this subject because they will show you the knots that will work with super braids but will also show you locking knots to keep the knot from coming undone when you fighting fish because, like I said, super braid is slick and if you don't do any knots that is recommended to use with super braid, it is possible the lose nice fish from the knot just coming undone from the line being slick, and some will tell you to hit the knot with superglue for some extra security to keep it from coming undone.

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    4 years ago

    Braid is fine with out a leader. It tends to slip on the reel unless you put a few yards of mono or electric tape on first. Unless your reel is braid ready. Give it .a go with out a leader, Braid is superior to mono in most seneros. Tight lines

  • Scott
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    4 years ago

    You need a leader.

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