Do pisces wanna swim freely through the current of life? ahem lemme explain?

x_x so, i've been influenced alot by astrology to the point that I can watch an anime of a person, observe their behavioral patterns and say 'omg, this charchter acts like a pisces!" ok, ok, maybe im being a bit too dramatic about recognizing a sign's traits.

this anime called hanasaku iroha on ep 18 had a plot about a girl in modern life comparing her home life and her not home life to that of a mermaid. her home is her ocean. she feels like she can swim anywhere (be herself). but the moment she gets out of the water, (out of home), she's timid and nervous. Her perception sonar is off the charts (reads ppl pretty well) but she has trouble piecing everything together and telling ppl about what's in her heart.

towards the middle-end of the ep, she finds a conclusion to her problem. The ocean that is her home becomes mobile. erm, well, she brings the confidence she has from her home into other areas of her life and this makes her happy. the problem she had was feeling weighed down, feeling heavy, feeling like an anchor over the expectations, responsibilities and challenges she faces. i guess my question is do you know how a pisces can feel more free to be themselves in more places outside of their home?

I have a moon in 12th pisces house, so I can relate because i feel this way sometime


i hope i didnt sound entitled by saying that last bit. i got this self-critical thing of myself and it results in me being very hard of myself >.< also, um, im curious what attracts a pisces to acting? the girl in this anime episode was very much attracted to putting on different hats from different walks of life in acting

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  • 4 years ago

    I genuinely don't know how you want this question to be answered v__v

    Through the Pisces I know in my life, they are mostly comfortable with familiarity -- but I suppose that is like most people. They may not feel comfortable in their own home, and perhaps are quite willing to leave it for another. Everybody is different in these circustances; and, I don't want to be lumping them all into one mindset.

    How can they feel more free to be themselves in unfamiliar territory? Well, you've got the idea in your mobile ocean (what did you actually mean by it being mobile? Did she collect some water in a bottle, and have it on her belt?) Pisces -- or Pisces dominated people -- tend to have a quirky sense of fashion. Perhaps this is their means of coping: wearing clothing that makes them feel at ease, clothing that allows their body to breathe, clothing that allows them to move freely; opposed to someone like Leo. Whatever the case, having something one feels comfortable in can help put them at ease.

    Self-critical? Hmm ... I wouldn't use a Pisces moon to described that. Perhaps you have something square/pposed your Sun that influences such thoughts. Is it opposed Mars, or squared with Saturn? From what you described, it might be a Sun square Saturn.

    To acting? Are you going to be an actor? Many actors have stated that they feel much more comfortable pretending to be somebody else than being themselves. Whether than be from Meryl Streep, to Helena Bonham-Carter. I suppose in social occasions, putting on a mask can make one feel more at ease. The trouble from there, of course, is are you willing to maintain that mask? To different walks of life? People adapt to new environments -- that's what humans do. If you prevent yourself from adapting, from accepting change or peoples' differences, you are taking away that characteristic that makes you human. As she aged, she may have matured, changing her sense for fashion, what clothes she felt more comfortable in, etc. Do you wear the same clothes now as you did 10 years ago? Maybe clothing sense was socially acceptable as a teenager; but is it socially acceptable to wear that clothes later in life? [I am not one for social pressure, and couldn't care much less, to make that clear]

    I honestly thought you had a Cancer moon. Times have moved on; I might have a foggy memory.

    Anyway, from what you described of yourself and this character, there is something retsicted in the birth chart to signify this. Again, I think it's a negative energy to the Sun, hence the change of Self.

  • 4 years ago

    Comic characters don't eat and still alive for decades. They never had childhood and will never become elders. They don't have to read horoscope predictions everyday. They have superhuman ability so they never grow - except the villains.

    BTW. what's Superman's zodiac sign?


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