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    Jessica Alba is white & Native American (but leaning more toward her white side)

    Jessica Alba is 72.7% European, 22.5% Native American, 2.0% Sub-Saharan African, 0.3% Middle Eastern / North African, 0.1% South Asian, & 2.4% other.

    Her dad is Spanish, Indigenous Mexican, & Sephardi Jewish.

    Her mom is Danish, Welsh, German, English, Scottish, Scots-Irish/Northern Irish, & French

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    She is mixed race (white and Native American), but is predominantly white.

    "In 2014, Alba appeared in Henry Louis Gates's genealogy series Finding Your Roots, where her lineage was traced back to the ancient Maya civilization.The show's research indicated that the surname Alba did not come from a Spanish man, since her father's direct paternal line (Y-DNA) was Haplogroup Q-L54, Indigenous in origin."

    "Jessica's global admixture was 72.7% European, 22.5% East Asian and Native American, 2% Sub-Saharan African, 0.3% Middle Eastern and North African, 0.1% South Asian, and 2.4% "No Match"."

    Her Native American blood comes from her dad, who is of Mexican descent.


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    She's mixed.

    She is White, and Native American.

    According to her DNA results she is:

    72.7% white European:

    Which is 33.5% British, 5.1% French/German, 3.9% Scandinavian, 17.3% Iberian, 1.4% Italian, 2.4% broadly Northern European, 4.9% broadly Southern European and 3.9% broadly European.

    She is also 22.5% native American, 2.0% Sub-Saharan African, 0.3% middle eastern, 0.1% south Asian and 2.4% no match.

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  • White, part Native, a dash of black and a sprinkle of South Asian.

  • Mostly Spanish and some Native American.

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    Mexican American. She wants to be white though.

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    No one knows.

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    2% human, mostly neanderthal.

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    half white and half latina

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