Grand Theft Auto Online Nonsencical ban?

i was unjustly baned from GTAO.

I am playing in passive mode while doing almost exclusively heisting/setups for heists.

I stay away from annything exploit/hack related.

Yet i got baned.

To my logicall request to have somone look at the ban R* just spams me with nonsencicall pre-writen crap without reading what i have to say on the matter, instead of you know reading it.

I do as much as i can do avert being annywhere near moders so not only i got baned for no reason it serves as perfect example of GTA (pressumed algorythm?) being usless - the fact that no human has ever even looked at the case AND noone but automated systems reply to me just cements the case.

Annyways the question yeah.

Annyone has anny idea how to force R* to pay attention to the appeal (in particullar since they are threatening to dele my account if another ban occurs... which as i estabilished could happen for no reasson and at anny time). i've allso poured signifficant time into my charakter and garages which is now suposedly lost to time.

Anny help or recourse that you can think of would be helpfull.

"Brady_B_1426" for reference is the bot that made initiall "reply" (coppy paste job from their legall document, that basicaly biols down to "**** you, noone will explain ****, and **** off") well done Rockscam.

oh right attempted methods of contacting: ticketing system (read above the bot), Twitter - but that is allways ignored.

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  • ?
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    4 years ago
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    This is why I avoid online gaming.

  • notned
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    The more often you appeal the ko ger your banned. Just have to wait it out

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