Michelle asked in HealthOther - Health · 3 years ago

Mdma question?

Okay. First to start off i was borderline underweight taking it and basicly didnt eat anything all day before taking it as well as doing fasted cardio. I have done this drug a few times before but did eat. When u took it everuthing was great. Went in a jacuzzi, stayed hydrated, and was relaxing in a hotel room with my bf. Then i started overthinking things but was still happy. But then it got out of control and it became a total of 8 hours since i took the drug. I got weak, tired, and confused with a pulsing heart. What happened to me?

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  • Thomas
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    3 years ago

    Does this surprise you? You took Meth, didn't eat, worked out, got into a hot tub. Your heart started racing. Meth is very unpredictable. It can rot your brain stem. Stop taking it.

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