I work with a lot of tables in Microsoft Word. Does anyone know of a great way to learn some of the advanced tricks to making tables?

1 Answer

  • Fred
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    Right-click in tables for various options

    You can apply paragraph formatting in specific cells. Default values are in points with about 72 points per inch.

    You can remove cell borders except for those cells where you want specific borders. If you remove cell borders, go to Table Tools, Layout and click on View Gridlines. These gridlines are viewed on the screen but do not print.

    You can move cell borders for a specific cell by highlighting the cell and dragging the border. Only the borders of this cell are affected. (EDIT: and not all the cells in the column or row)

    You can place tabs in table cells. Highlight the cell and click in the bottom half of the Ruler where you want the tab to appear. To get to the next cell, press Ctrl. To get to the tab, press Ctrl-tab.

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