How to disable the "back Space" button from sending me back to the previous url on Firefox?

When I am typing an email, facebook post, etc.and I want to delete a part of what I have typed, the moment I hit the back space it takes me away from the page I am on and deletes all content I was working on. I really don't need or want this feature since there is that way easy "back" button at the top of every page when Firefox is open. How do I get this hot key to stop what its is doing and let me use it for what it was actually meant to be used for..deleting text?

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  • 3 years ago
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    In the location bar (where it says "search or enter address") type in about:config

    Type in backspace in the Search field.

    browser.backspace.action should be set to 2. (default is 0)

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