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Will they ever make an xmen movie?

With a big boobs flying stripper named rogue, a hot big boobs young black stripper named storm. A hot big boobed college lady named Jean Grey and a super thin asain/italian girl who has a perfect surfer body with tattoos who looks exactly like a suicide girl. Vandalizes stuff, tags up buildings while blasting punk music. All while pwning people at videogame arcades; named Jubilee.

Those aspects were not in any xmen movie yet and it's really all there is.

The only character they got right was professor x. Barely.

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  • 3 years ago

    They need to STOP making more movies like that. Stop making more xmen, transformers, fast and furious, 007 movies ESPECIALLY 007 movies. How many more freaking plots can you come up with? Bond saves the the world, sleeps with the girl...next movie. We only need 1. Sure, I would love to watch a movie with a girl that has big boobs. I'm a boobs type of girl, but still. Enough with the sequels, quadrilogies. Just make 1.

    However, there are exceptions to sequels that are better than others (I like movies where girl who kick butt. Sarah connor didn't kick butt in terminator 1, she did in 2. Keep. Ripley didn't kick butt in Alien, she did in Aliens. Keep).

  • kswck2
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    3 years ago

    Apparently you are going through puberty?

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