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Eating disorder recovery depressed feeling?

Okay so for about 4 years I did a diet where I would eat very restrictive from Monday through Saturday. Sunday id be having a full-blown binge or cheat day. Eventually the diet worked too well and I got too skinny. What eventually happened was I kept binging and now it s been about a year and I still overeat. I wouldn t say I binge as much anymore it s more of just overeating. One positive is I m still motivated to work out everyday and that makes me feel good . I finally looked at myself in the mirror yesterday and I m very depressed at what I see. Is this normal? I am a hundred thirty pounds now as opposed to the 98 I was a year ago. Im a 5 1 female. What should I do because it s really starting to affect me I m crying a lot and I don t really want to go out as much. Last night I literally had to take a Xanax to stop crying so I could go to the movies with my boyfriend. :/ help! And if anything does anybody have advice on how to stop overeating and fearing failure of diet and staying motivated to go forward and get to my happy weight finally? Thanks!

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    You don’t have a disorder

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      :) thanks gary

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  • 2 years ago

    I have delt with depression for over 10 years.

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