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I have got a Saturday detention for missing a regular detention, but I still have to serve the first detention IS THIS FAIR ?

last Tuesday I had an after school detention for bad behavouir it lasts for 1 hour and a half hours, as I am 15 I had MUCH better things to do then sitting in detention so I didn't go.

the next day my head of year told me that as I missed a detention I would be going in to a FULL Saturday detention, this last for 4 hours we have to turn up in FULL school uniform , sit at our desks in TOTAL silence and write a 6 page essay on why we are being punished.

MY COMPLAINT , I have just found out that tomorrow ( FRIDAY ) that I still have to serve my original detention , this lasts for 1 hour 45 minutes, my head of year said the Saturday detention was a punishment for missing the original detention, but I still MUST serve the original detention as this was a punishment for bad behavouir IS THIS FAIR ?

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    As is usually the case, you have some choices. You are angry because you didn't think you deserved to get a "detention" in the first place, so you are doubly irritated by the second one. Normally people outside the situation would simply write you off as a stubborn, immature little jerk and drop the matter, but I am going to assume you are in the process of moving to a higher level, you're capable of looking at things from a more mature perspective, and you're ready to act wisely. The first "detention" was a result of "bad behavior," and you are smart enough to see that for yourself. It's in your post, and it shows you to be getting more shrewd. You made a mistake when you failed to own up to what you did, accept responsibility for it, and deal with the result. You've got a chance, though, to put it right, and I hope you take it. Not attending the first "detention" was another form of "bad behavior," so obviously there were going to be additional consequences. Jumping on "Answers" and looking for someone to agree with you that it's all "terribly unfair" isn't logical or mature. The smart thing to do is to take responsibility, serve out the two "detentions," and work to repair your damaged reputation. You're on the edge of becoming someone marked to do great things, and accepting consequences is one step forward. The other is not getting needlessly into trouble in the first place, so the "bad behavior" must stop. This isn't what you want to hear, but right now is the time to move in a sensible direction. You'll be glad of it ultimately.

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      I have just got home from my Saturday detention , IT WAS HORRIBLE it was very long and boring instead of going out with my friends I had to sit in a classroom in FULL school uniform writing BORING essays for 4 hours, WHY IS PUNISHMENT SO MISREABLE ?

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    Yes, it is. You had the opportunity to avoid this by going to the original detention. This is a separate punishment for a different offense. It's like traffic tickets, if you don't pay them when they're due the fine goes up. Eventually, if you still don't pay them a warrant can be issued for your arrest and you can end up in jail.

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    Yes, it's fair. It's right to go to both detentions. You never went to the first so they added one more.

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