HP Printer cartridges empty but brand new.?

HP printer cartridges poor. Does HP investigate new cartridges that don't work? I'm not paying another $33.00 to have it register zero as the previous two I bought have done. Help HP 63 color


Lammclane, I neglected to mention - they look full for several days then show empty and will not print - Printer says offline ( real helpful) and the computer screen plus the 2" printer screen both show empty on the color cartridge.

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  • 3 years ago
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    So, you've put two brand-new, store-bought cartridges in, and both of them produced a readout indicating they were empty? If that is so, have you considered that your printer is not reading the ink levels properly? It is possible for there to be ink in the cartridge, but for the printer to not sense it. (However, I would expect the printer to still be able to print, even while warning you that it is out of ink.) Assuming it is not able to print, I would conclude the printer should be repaired or replaced - not that there was something wrong with the cartridges.

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