Was the penalty awarded to Real Madrid against Juventus justified in the Champions League QF? Does Gianluigi Buffon deserve the red card?

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    3 years ago


  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    No, but the ref was entirely in the wrong position to see what exactly happened. And Buffon should have stayed out of and not touched the ref. It was a debacle and tragic way to end that match.

  • 3 years ago

    No, it was a marginal penalty at best, but the red card was deserved.

  • The red card was VERY soft. Ronaldo sold it. Buffon absolutely deserved the straight red. Yes- the call was, at best, questionable but there is no way you can shove an official unless you played for the Fergie Man United team.

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  • So did you hear what Buffon said?, exactly me neither, but you can't go round intimidating, and raging against the ref...and possibly cursing as well...

    For the incident itself personally from the replays iv'e seen I have my doubts it was a penaulty...and this is why this "contact" ruling we seem to have now is wrong and asking for players to have the opportunity to decieve a referee.....this certainly won't be the last time this season this question is asked

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