BESIDES Betelgeuse, which stars in the near galaxy area, what we see unaided, are likely to supernova/burnout & we will be able to see dying?

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    There are 4 (listed with the constellation and distance in light years

    IK Pegasi - - Pegasus - - 150

    Spica - - Virgo - - 250

    Alpha Lupi - - Lupus - - 550

    Antares - - Scorpius - - 600

    Betelgeuse - - Orion - - 640

    As far as I know, Betelgeuse is the one that is expected to go supernova first.

    Some time in the next million years.

    see complete list here

    Supernova candidate stars are often very luminous giant stars and thus they can be seen with unaided eyes at great distances.

    If any of those does have a supernova, it will be brighter than the full moon for 3 months or so.- making it visible in the day time. They will possibly cast a shadow in the daytime. But we will still see it as point source of light, no disc will be visible.

    It will be new to astronomy, because there has been no close supernova since 16o4 when SN 1604 occurred, named after Johannes Kepler. That was about 20,000 light years away.

  • 2 years ago

    Antares, BUT Antares is NOT shrinking. Betelgeuse IS shrinking. It is possible that Betelgeuse may already have b gone supernova but we will know it for another 500 years.

  • 2 years ago

    Antares (Alpha Scorpii).

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