I know where Future mining'll get many elements in the hi-mid element table(seafloor)& mid-low of same(space),What about Lithium & Beryllium?

Where in this world or others do those Two elements at the Near-Top of the Periodic Table exist in concentrated pure abundance?!?!



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  • 2 years ago
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    Lithium seems to leach out of the soil & wash downhill, there to (relatively) accumulate in the sea.The most convenient for now therefore seems to be,,, Salt Flats (then the ocean, then the bottom thereof). If that's too accessible for you,, the Moon? Lunar material is, generally, less dense than Earth's, it seems to have been "skimmed off" Earth as it were, in the opposite way the elements you refer to were taken from us (those sank to the Earth's core). Looking in this opposite direction seems as good a process as any, SOMETHING low-density is up there, why not those two elements?

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